Security Awareness Training - Delivered by Andrew Paterson

Duration 1 Day

Format Face to Face

ASC Training & Development have designed a program that addresses the specific security issues faced by office staff.

This workshop is facilitated by Andrew Paterson, who has a wealth of experience in managing aggressive and extreme behaviours and the impact of such behaviours on employees who work at the frontline in service organisations.

Highly experienced in crisis intervention, victim support, prison management and crime prevention, Andrew is a unique and highly respected figure within the Australian and International Justice systems.

 Andrew works with local, state and national organisations in the prevention of crime and the empowerment of its victims. He is a renowned Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design practitioner, a board member of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime (Montreal) and an Associate of the American Crime Prevention Institute.(Louisville, Kentucky)

 Andrew is a gifted teacher and trainer, teaching part-time at Flinders University. He provides training around Australia in crime prevention and dealing with aggression.

 Andrew holds a BA in psychology, and post graduate degrees in Social Administration and Social Science. He is currently a PhD candidate.

 Topics include:

  • Threat identification and response
  • Dealing with aggressive clients
  • Strategies to help prevent a situation escalating
  • Security Management
  • Emergency Response Procedures (inc. Threatening phone calls, handling suspicious mail and bomb threats).
  • Incident Reporting Procedures

This one day workshop will enable participants to identify a threat and how to respond accordingly.  

Participants will be more confident in managing and dealing with aggressive clients in a safe manner and be able to help prevent a situation from escalating.

Emergency response procedures will be discussed and practised and clear instructions given in how to manage threatening phone calls, handling suspicious mail and bomb threats.


$396 (inc GST)


  • continuous coffee, tea and morning tea are provided at sessions
  • course learning materials
  • Certificate of Attendance


  • there are many quality food vendors within 1-2 min walk for you to purchase your lunch, or you are welcome to bring your own lunch if you wish
  • we are happy to provide a quote for lunch to cater for staff groups if required

Course Dates

No public courses for are currently scheduled.  

Please contact us if you have a group of staff who require this training, and we will provide a quote for you.  Click the 'Register your Interest' now button or email us direct: 

Training Venue

We can provide training on-site at your location, or at our venue.  

The best things about this session from past participants:

  • Great facilitator!  Relevant to all workplaces and even private life.  Small class size, good venue, really interesting.
  • The use of real life situations that pertain to my work.

  • Hearing about real life events and how they were managed.

  • The presenter's knowledge and his delivery. Plenty of opportunity for discussion and learning.
  • Didn't drag.  Didn't feel mindnumbingly tired at the end of the session. Learned stuff and made me question how I can do things better and safer in the future.
  • Learnt new facts and how to deal with different people.
  • Enjoyed the small group as I felt really involved.
  • Getting more informed about what to do in emergency situations and also hearing others' perspectives.
  • Facilitator showed good knowledge.  Small class size made it easy to interact.
  • Andrew's a really nice, funny guy with great knowledge and experience and stories to tell.
  • Being able to relate it to the workplace environment.
  • Andrew's life experience being shared as examples.