Recognition of Prior Learning

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

ASC Training & Development recognises and values the knowledge and skills from life and work experience, previous courses and training, or self-taught knowledge and skills that participants already have.

Prior learning can include skills and knowledge gained through:

  • paid work experience - full-time, part-time or casual in Australia or overseas
  • voluntary work
  • family duties, like raising children or being a carer
  • hobbies or leisure activities
  • any other life experiences that have given you competencies that match those in the courses you are applying for.

If you can provide evidence that you already have the relevant skills and knowledge, you may be able to use this to gain recognition for all or part of a course at ASC Training & Development. This is known as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

When you apply for RPL, your knowledge and skills are measured against the equivalent module(s) or unit(s) in the relevant course. If you are successful, you will be assessed as having already completed those modules or units in your course. This can enable you to complete your studies in less time and at less cost.

You are responsible for providing all the necessary evidence to gain RPL. The fee charged for RPL is less than that for a complete course.


Why Apply for RPL?

A successful application for RPL can mean:

  • completing your training in a shorter period of time
  • eliminating the need for training in skills and knowledge you already have
  • a reduced study load and costs
  • advancing more quickly to higher qualifications
  • identifying gaps in existing knowledge and skills
  • better documentation of your skills and knowledge that you can use for other purposes like job applications or career planning.


APPLY FOR RPL HERE - Download the RPL Handbook

Participants are supplied with an RPL Application handbook that explains RPL and the processes involved to undertake an RPL assessment.

To apply for RPL please download the RPL Handbook below and follow the instructions.

Download the RPL Handbook here  


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