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A working knowledge over matters of finance is considered an essential skill. But getting started can be confusing. There are multiple financial terms and concepts, and financial management itself means different things in different contexts — be it at home, at work, or at a governmental level.
And that’s where our online financial management course comes in. It helps you get a head start with financial management and its key concepts. The information covered helps you build foundation-level knowledge of financial management terms and concepts from the point-of-view of an individual, a business, and a government.
Our course has been co-authored with Mark Priadko — a known and respected independent thinker and consultant for the last 15 years. Mark has held executive roles in South Australian Treasury and Finance, and has deep knowledge of government decision-making processes and public sector financial management.

The course is designed for anyone who would like to be more knowledgeable about matters of finance but doesn’t necessarily have a background in finance. Please feel free to contact our friendly customer service staff to discuss your specific training needs.

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$44 inc GST

Contact us to discuss Corporate rates.  Our cost/user is based on enrolments and we offer attractive packages for higher volume users.


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