Darryn Murphy

I am just honoured & thrilled to have engaged ASC Training & Development when it come to updating My TAE qualifications.

I endured a marvellous / educational experience from all the teachers / lectures & other students in all class sessions.

There is no doubt that I have gained much required knowledge via the way ASC structured all sessions and Tasks required to be completed.

There is so much of what ASC Training & development has brought to me I am excited to continue to develop, share, practice withing my working environment wherever I venture.


“Facilitator was engaging.”

Information was relevant. Did not feel pressure into speaking, etc.

Past Participant

“The stories told to demonstrate the learning’s.”

Pete was very engaging and knew what he was talking about. Great training. Thank you. Can’t wait to take it back to work.

Natalie McCance

“Facilitator had great experiences to share and reinforce learning.”

Open discussion. Good handouts for future reference.


“The style of the facilitator – respectful, knowledgeable, good life stories, funny.”

Melissa Clark

“The best things about this session were absolutely everything.”


Emily Butler

“Facilitator, resources used to support content, tools given, relaxed and engaging sessions.”


“Well balanced between listening, focusing on own task/learning and group activities to test/demonstrate leadership learning’s.”

Thanks Pete. Great two days and I like the personal stories, etc.

John Naumann

“Dynamic facilitator presenter.”

Presenter had very wide general knowledge and was a volunteer as well.

Terry McGuirk

“Pete was extremely positive, engaging, helpful and knowledgeable.”

I felt encouraged and comfortable throughout the course. Thank you Pete.