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The following information will assist you in understanding the terms and conditions under which our training is provided.  Please read all sections carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you require clarification.

1. Code of Practice

A copy of ASC Training & Development’s Code of Practice is available on request.

2. Registered Training Organisation Status

We are registered to deliver nationally recognised training. RTO No. 2353.  Our qualifications are recognised within the Australian Qualifications Framework. We also deliver non-accredited training customised to client needs.

3. Course Materials and Schedule

(1) Face to Face: On registration you will be sent detailed Pre-Course Information, a course schedule and venue details. You will need to bring notepaper and writing materials.

(2) Distance Learning: On registration you will be sent sent detailed Pre-Course Information, a distance learning pack containing course schedule, course information and the learner guide for the first unit in hard copy.

(3) Online: On registration you will sent detailed Pre-Course Information, a password to our Moodle online learning site where you can undertake a Moodle induction or proceed directly to your course.

4. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

You may already have experience in some or all of the topics covered in your course.  If you believe this to be the case, you may apply for recognition of this learning, thus reducing the time required for training and or assessing.

5. Time Commitment and Requirements to Complete
  • Time Commitment to Complete Course

You will be notified prior to commencement of the time commitment required. Tutorials and support services will be available during this time.

  • Qualifications at End of Course

Successful participants will receive a nationally recognised Certificate or Statement of Attainment for specific units completed. If undertaking Non-accredited training, a Certificate of Attendance will be issued.

  • Requirements to Achieve the Qualification / complete the Course.

If undertaking face to face training it is important that you attend all training sessions.  Should you not be able to attend a given day, you may be rescheduled into another program, or in some instances, you may be able to provide sufficient evidence of competency relating to the topics missed.  In any event, all assessment tasks for all units must be completed.

6. Policies Relating to Assessment

(i) All work for assessment should be submitted to ASC Training & Development within 2 months of completing the course.  Beyond this time an extension must be requested by contacting Sharon Ayris, CEO.

For Nationally Recognised Training:

(ii) Each unit of competency has an assessment task(s) to be completed by the course participant.

(iii) Assessment is competency based.  You will be assessed as ‘Competent’ or ‘Competency not yet achieved’ for each unit of competency. You must achieve all units of competency to fulfill requirements for Nationally Recognised Training courses

If your appeal concerns an assessment decision, your work will be re-assessed by another assessor engaged by ASC Training & Development. (All candidates who do not achieve competency are able to submit additional work and be re-assessed).

7. Grievance procedures

If you are not satisfied with any aspect of the service offered by ASC Training & Development, you are invited in the first instance to contact our Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Ayris who will forward an Appeals Form.  If your appeal is successful, you will be invited to sit for a re-assessment immediately.  (All candidates who do not achieve competency are eligible for re-assessment, one month from the date of the first assessment).

If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter may be referred to an external mediator.

All meetings and conversations relating to a particular grievance will be held in the strictest confidence.

8. Rights, Responsibilities and Support Services
  • Your Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to receive quality, recognised training by qualified instructors, in an environment that is safe, comfortable and conducive to effective learning.  In return, you are requested to be punctual in your attendance and contribute to the training course in a responsible and adult manner.

You will be supported through the program by a trainer/assessor via face-to-face, phone and email contact. You will also be encouraged to establish supportive networks with your line manager, colleagues and other participants in the program. It is expected you will take responsibility for your own learning, including accessing support when needed and actively planning to complete the assessments.

  • Providers Responsibilities

ASC Training & Development undertake to always safeguard your interests and provide high quality training and assessment by qualified facilitators.

Your personal information remains confidential.  No personal information is distributed or released to other entities and is protected by secure systems.

  • Support Services

You have access to ASC Training & Development support service via telephone (8410 2627), email (, or arranged meeting.

Should you have any concerns regarding access, equity or fairness throughout the program, please contact the Chief Executive Officer, Sharon Ayris on 8410 2627.

9. Recognition of AQF Qualifications & Statements of Attainment issued by other Registered Training Organisations.

ASC Training & Development recognise Statements of Attainment or Qualifications issued by other Registered Training Organisations.  If you have been issued a Statement of Attainment or Qualification equivalent to the unit(s) you wish to apply for, you will be granted status (credit transfer) for the relevant units completed.

10. Replacement Certificates / Statements of Attainment

You may request a replacement copy if your original Certificate or Statement of Attainment is lost/misplaced.  An administration fee will be charged for this service. We are happy to provide an email copy at no charge.

11. Refund Policy

(i) Cancellation or deferment before the course commences

Should you need to cancel or defer your enrolment in a course you must give notice to the Training Coordinator at ASC at least ten (10) working days prior to course commencement. An administration fee to cover any miscellaneous items/time and course materials preparation will be charged.

Failure to notify ASC  of a cancellation or deferment with at least ten (10) working days notice will result in 50% of the full cost of the course being charged, for less than five (5) working days notice, 100% of the full cost will be charged, unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated.

If you are unable to attend a course you may be able to transfer your registration to another available course. An administration fee to cover any miscellaneous items/time and course materials preparation will be charged. Program is to be undertaken within 12 months of original enrolment. If the program is deferred more than once, 50% of the full cost of the course will be charged unless exceptional circumstances can be demonstrated. No refunds will be given if a course is deferred more than once and then full withdrawal from the program requested.

(ii) Withdrawal during the course

If you have fair and reasonable grounds to withdraw from training with ASC (e.g. severe health issues), costs will be applied to all services delivered up to the time of withdrawal. In this event ASC may require a Statutory Declaration from you to support the claim.

As courses may only proceed based on minimum number of required participants, ASC have the right to withhold the full payment amount if a participant withdraws during the program. This will occur if the program is deemed to be no longer cost viable due to the withdrawal.

(iii) ASC Cancellation of Course

ASC reserves the right to cancel a course if insufficient enrolments are received within ten working days prior to course commencement.  Participants already booked into these courses will be notified immediately.

If ASC cancels a course, a full refund of all monies paid by a client for the course will be made within thirty days.

All other refund claims will be processed and paid within 30 days of receipt of claim.

(iv) Grievances

If there is a dispute over refund eligibility or payment, in the first instance all matters will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer.

If an agreement cannot be reached, the matter will be referred to Office of the Training Advocate on 1800 006 488.

12. Penalty for late assessments

All course work must be submitted within 2 months of course completion.  If course work is not submitted within this time frame, an extra fee of $50.00 per unit will be charged for marking and administration purposes.

Time extensions may be granted by contacting our office via telephone (08 8410 2627), email ( or fax (08 8211 9683).

13. Delivery of services

The training and services (Training) to be provided by ASC Training and Development (ASC) in accordance with a Quotation must be used within six (6) months of execution of the document. Otherwise, ASC reserves its right to not provide the Training outside of the Training Period and any amount paid by you for the Training will be forfeited to ASC.

For the avoidance of doubt, ASC will not be liable for any loss whatsoever suffered by you as a result of its failure to provide the Training outside of the Training Period.

14. Unique Student Identifier (USI)

You are required to provide ASC Training & Development with a valid Unique Student Identifier (USI) number. If you have an existing USI number but have not provided this at enrolment, we will attempt to locate your number via our student management system. You will receive a notice that we have accessed the system to confirm your USI. If you do not have an existing USI number, you are required to visit this website to create one and advise ASC Training within 7 days of commencement of training.

15. Office location and hours

Our office is situated at Harmer House, Level 2, 5 Leigh Street, Adelaide.
Opening hours are from 9am – 5pm weekdays.
You are welcome to visit us when in the Adelaide CBD, although we ask that you make an appointment if you wish to discuss any aspect of the course with a facilitator. Should you have any concerns regarding access, equity or fairness throughout the program, please contact the Grievance Contact Officer, Sharon Ayris (CEO).