Mark Lourens

About Mark Lourens

Mark, originally from Africa has also worked in the UK and United Arab Emirates, most of his career has been in the oil and gas industry. After a few career changes it was in 2008 that he was presented with an opportunity to join the “training team”. He finally found what he really enjoyed doing and has been in training and development ever since. With the career changes he has had, Mark finds it easy to relate to many working backgrounds and utilises it while presenting. He has held a variety of positions in the training environment and says there is nothing more rewarding for him then facilitating a great day of training. For Mark life is about perception and each day is exactly what you think it is. As Anais Nin said “We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.”


  • Degree in HRM (South Africa)
  • Diploma in Occupational Directed Education and Training (South Africa)
  • CIV in Training and Assessment (Australia)