Mark Lourens

Your experience?

I spent the first two decades of my career in the oil and gas domain – started from the ground up, moved through plant operations, worked the tools as a tradesman, and eventually found my stride as a trainer and assessor. Wanting a change for my family, I hit the books, snagged that degree, and climbed the ladder into management roles.

I’ve been lucky enough to clock in work hours across Africa, the UK, the Middle East, and since 2018, soaking up the Aussie vibes in Australia. It's been a whirlwind of cultures and work set-ups, and I enjoy sprinkling those diverse experiences into the sessions I deliver.

What is your role at ASC?

Being a trainer and assessor is like playing the roles of a guide and detective. As a trainer, I get to be the guide, helping folks grasp new skills and knowledge. Then, when I put on my assessor hat, it's like being a detective and evaluating how well those skills have really sunk in. 

Whether I'm in a classroom, workshop, or online, my mission is to empower learners and ensure they are acquiring tools to conquer whatever challenges come their way.

How would you describe a job done well?

Whenever one exceeds the expectations of your client.

One hidden talent?

I really enjoy learning how to say thank you in different languages.

Need help choosing the right course?

By continually reviewing and redefining our workplace learning standards, we ensure that the training you receive is the training industry demands and future leaders need.

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