Sharon Ayris

Your experience?

I worked in various roles and businesses in my earlier years, including a physiotherapy clinic, before working as a temporary staff member within various government departments. I undertook a First Line Management qualification in my early 20s and progressed to higher levels and other qualifications after enjoying the role of managing a business and teams. I first became interested in the education sector when working at the SACE Board. After being offered the role with ASC in 2002 (which at the time was Anthony Stone Consultants), I have enjoyed working closely with Tony Stone (Managing Director) and a wonderful group of people.

What is your role at ASC?

I’m the CEO at ASC and see my role as working closely with Tony to ensure business operations run smoothly. I oversee the operations of the business including HR, administration, finance, customer service and reporting requirements. A large part of my role, which I enjoy very much, involves supporting our team and ensuring their wellbeing. I value and am grateful for the relationships I have with each team member.

How would you describe a job done well?

When we receive a heartfelt thank you and positive feedback from a client who tells us we have made a real difference in their life.

One hidden talent?

I’ve driven V8 cars and V-twin motorcycles but these days my favourite ride is the ride-on lawn mower! I also love rollerskating and ice skating.

Need help choosing the right course?

By continually reviewing and redefining our workplace learning standards, we ensure that the training you receive is the training industry demands and future leaders need.

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