Sophie Carter

Your experience?

I have worked in the RTO industry for over 12 years. My time has been split across two businesses — ASC and Civil Contractors Federation. I initially started my career with ASC on a Traineeship, where I learnt all the fundamentals of administration and how an RTO operates. After spending some time travelling, when I returned home, I began working at Civil Contractors Federation. I moved across a few job roles in my time there from Administration Officer to Training Coordinator and Team Leader. For the last three years I have been happily back with my ASC family as a Client Services Officer. 

What is your role at ASC?

As a Client Services Officer, I manage all participants who access government funding. There is quite a lot of administration behind funded enrolments and strict requirements to follow from the Department of Education and Traineeship and Apprenticeship Services.

How would you describe a job done well?

To me, a job well done is not only about the end result and successfully completing a task. It’s also about the journey and the problem-solving process that gives the most satisfaction, as you are combining your skill and dedication to your work.

One hidden talent?

I was a dancer in calisthenics for many years as a child and pre-teen, and I played the piano for three years. 

Need help choosing the right course?

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