Tony Stone

Your experience?

Initially trained as a geologist, I have spent over 40 years in the education sector. The first 16 years I worked as a teacher and school leader in the SA Department for Education. I established ASC in 1996 and have seen the business grow from a sole operator to a team of more than 25 staff and contractors.

What is your role at ASC?

As Managing Director, I believe my role is to let our highly capable ASC team members get on with their work without getting in their way. Alongside that I work closely with our CEO, Sharon Ayris, to work on strategy and operations. A satisfying and enjoyable aspect of my work involves a lot of conversations over coffee with talented and like-minded people across the training sector in SA and beyond.

How would you describe a job done well?

When a job is executed and meets, or better exceeds, client expectations.

One hidden talent?

Lover of rock music from the 60s to present. I still dabble as a guitarist, having played in pub bands over the years. 

Need help choosing the right course?

By continually reviewing and redefining our workplace learning standards, we ensure that the training you receive is the training industry demands and future leaders need.

Speak to our Training Coordinator today about your training needs. 

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