Think on Your Feet®

Think on Your Feet® is an internationally accredited workshop which has gained worldwide recognition as an innovative and highly effective oral communications program.

The ability to Think on Your Feet® is a core skill. It means getting your ideas across clearly, concisely, persuasively – and being remembered. Think on Your Feet® gives you the techniques to express yourself the way you would like to – in the moment and under pressure.

The techniques are equally applicable whether you have no time to plan, a few minutes to think, or plenty of time to prepare a formal presentation.

Everyone wants you to get to the point. We have all been lost for words when under pressure, gone around in circles or worked out the perfect answer after the moment has passed!

The virtual, instructor-led workshop includes two full day online sessions with group discussion, breakout rooms and interactive techniques. All modules are based on workplace examples and challenges faced by those attending and include individual opportunity to put techniques into practice.

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$1,210 (inc. GST) 

There are no prerequisites for this course. 


Think on Your Feet® offers the accomplished communicator some creative ideas to differentiate their message, while less practiced speakers will find that the skills increase their confidence and success.

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • How to think fast and logically
  • How to structure your ideas to build credibility with your listener
  • How to field difficult questions with confidence and diplomacy


There is no assessment for this workshop.

The workshop provides opportunities to:

  • anyone who may face answering tough questions or handling a subject that has not been anticipated
  • managers, sales and consulting professionals who need to communicate ideas persuasively and confidently
  • project managers and technical experts who must make complex information simple.

Course duration

  • 2 training days

Course dates

 We are finalising dates for the next course. In the meantime, please make an enquiry to register your interest in this course or to schedule a course for your group.

Think on Your Feet®

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  • Global certifications
  • Live virtual classroom
  • Tools & tech: Zoom or Teams, ASC Training Online 

  • Duration: 2 training days

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