REDARC Electronics

One of South Australia’s great success stories


REDARC is a world-class, advanced electronics manufacturer supplying power management products to both domestic and international markets. 

The recipient of a raft of awards, including the Telstra Australian Business of the Year in 2014, REDARC has experienced exponential growth over the past 10 years.

As REDARC has found, rapid growth challenges organisational leadership structures. As managers take on increased and more diverse workloads, old management paradigms and practices are tested.

To ensure the REDARC leadership team could continue to thrive in the growing company, Anthony Kittel, REDARC’s CEO, engaged ASC T&D to develop a program to support and develop the company’s current and emerging leaders. 


To identify leadership talent and equip REDARC’s current and future leaders with the skills and knowledge to empower their teams and lead the company to continued growth and success.


ASC T&D partnered with lean manufacturing experts, Advanced Focus, to contextualise a leadership development program that would meet the needs of the client.

The program, delivered in the form of nine workshops over eight months, covered essential skills and knowledge required for effective leadership in the modern workplace, namely:

The participants were also tasked with presenting a business improvement project to senior management, delivering an immediate and practical real-world outcome to the organisation.


The inaugural REDARC leadership development program was so successful it now runs every year.

Past participants tell us the program has given them:

"We have been using ASC Training & Development to develop and conduct our leadership development programs for our current and emerging leaders for several years now. 

It is evident that by the end of the program our staff are far more confident in their ability to make a decision, they are able to propose possible solutions to business issues being experienced in their day-to-day role and they are willing to care and support for their team.

Most importantly, they say 'WE' rather than 'I' and are valuable contributors to REDARC."

Anthony Kittel – CEO & MD, REDARC Electronics

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