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One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you and/or your employee if eligible to undertake a Traineeship.  Please contact us on (08) 8410 2627 or email

The Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS), Skilling South Australia is a government initiative designed to increase apprenticeships and traineeships and ensure South Australians are well trained and ready for their future careers. 

Participants who are eligible for subsidies in approved programs can significantly reduce the cost of the qualification. Training subsidies in South Australia require a participant co-contribution.  With the financial benefit of these programs is the responsibility to ensure participants commit to training, ensuring they get the most out of their training opportunities and can successfully complete their qualification.

ASC Training & Development (RTO. 2353) is an approved Skilling South Australia provider and deliver several subsidised programs under Traineeship arrangements.

To find out more about Skilling South Australia or to check your eligibility please visit the Skilling SA Website (

Subject to eligibility criteria, click here for ASC Training’s Subsidised Training Pricelist.


A Contract of Training (Traineeship) is an agreement between an employee, their employer and training provider.  It sets out conditions as to how the training will occur and the duration required.  A Contract of Training is lodged with an Apprenticeship Network Provider (ANP) who will help you throughout the traineeship. They will:

  • help you find a trainee and registered training organisation
  • provide a training contract for the employee, employer and training provider
  • assess your eligibility for incentives
  • provide advice and support during the traineeship

 There are three ANP’s in South Australia:

  • MEGT
  • MAS National
  • Apprenticeship Support Australia

In addition to subsidies, an employer may also receive commonwealth funding if the person entering the contract agreement is a new worker (Employed less than 3 months if they work full time).

For general information or more information regarding traineeships and training subsidies in SA visit:

For more information about Contracts of Training please

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